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Men's Workout Tank Tops

Gym Tank tops for Men

Our athletic tank tops are designed to have you feeling your best, whether you’re aiming for a new squat PR or heading out for a run. Feel confident in our fitness tanks, created with physique enhancing seams and panels, whilst minimalist designs help keep you free from distractions. The perfect balance between style and functionality, our workout tank tops are here to support you through every rep.

With our huge selection of men’s athletic tank tops, you can choose the style that will have you feeling unstoppable. From fitted workout tanks that highlight your silhouette, to loose workout tanks that offer increased airflow. We also have a range of colours and designs, from black workout tanks and white workout tanks, to cool blues and vibrant oranges. For those looking for something a little more bold, you guessed it, the Bold range is perfect. As the name suggests it gives a little more, with eye-catching graphics that are sure to get heads turning.

Our huge range of athletic tank tops has a collection for everyone, whether you’re a beginner in the gym or competitive lifter. Find features such as sweat and heat mapping ventilation to keep you cool, sweat-wicking and breathable materials to help you stay dry, and stretchy yet lightweight fabrics to support each movement. All in a style you’ll want to wear time and time again. The Arrival range makes a great workout wardrobe essential, whilst Legacy is perfect for big lifts. 315 is designed for a barely-there feel, and Apex is performance clothing that’s designed to keep you feeling comfortable through even the most intense training sessions.

From uphill sprints to heavy lifts, you can expect engineering that will keep you cool, comfortable, and looking good. Pair our sleek men's tanks with shorts for a gym outfit that is as comfortable as it is practical, and cover up with a jacket for training sessions outside. If you're looking for a more traditional bodybuilding style, check out our range of stringers, which offer the classic bodybuilding look.

Why do people wear tank tops in the gym?

Tank tops are a popular choice for men in the gym as they offer a range of benefits when training. Arm holes help to keep you cool, allowing airflow and breathability to the underarms, some even have drop armholes which take this even further. Gym tank tops can also offer more freedom of movement than t-shirts as they don’t have sleeves, meaning you won’t have material getting in the way of your bicep curls or shoulder presses. Combine this with physique accentuating designs, sweat wicking materials and breathable fabrics and you have the perfect tank top for working out.