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315 T-Shirt
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315 T-Shirt



Bodybuilding Clothes for Men

Shop men’s bodybuilding clothing

Gymshark was built in the weight room, and we’ve never forgotten our roots. An obsession with lifting is at the heart of this collection. Each piece of clothing is designed to allow you to focus on your performance and meet your goals, whilst showing off the muscles you work so hard for. With our clothes for bodybuilders going up to a size 3XL, and a range of colours and graphics available, there is something for everyone. Explore our huge range of clothing for bodybuilders, your golden era awaits.

Oldschool bodybuilding clothing

Engineered to work as hard as you do, our Legacy range draws inspiration from the old school bodybuilding clothing from the 70s, 80 s and 90s. Featuring the revamped original Gymshark logo, these timeless classics are a wardrobe staple for any bodybuilder. Sweat wicking and durable materials on our classic bodybuilding clothing allow you to stay comfortable through an intense lifting session whilst physique enhancing silhouettes help to emphasise your muscles.

What clothing is best for bodybuilding?

The best bodybuilding gym clothing Is all about what makes you feel confident and comfortable whist you work out. A popular item of clothing for bodybuilding for men is the stringer , which not only has a flattering shape that allows you to show off your hard work, but also allows for full freedom of movement as well as allowing you to see that you are working your muscles correctly.

You can also find that muscle tees, are perfect for bodybuilders, as they combine a physique enhancing design with functionality, or you might find an oversized bodybuilding tee makes the perfect pump cover, allowing you to get warmed up ready to reveal your pumped up muscles.

Shorts for bodybuilders are perfect for the days you want an intense sweaty sesh, with features such as splits on the sides and durable, stretchy fabrics that support you through every lift. Alternatively, if you’re training on a colder day, you might find a hoodie and joggers are perfect for getting amped up for a winter training session.

No matter which item you choose, you can enjoy comfort throughout your lifting session. Our materials are carefully designed to ensure you stay both cool and dry throughout your workout, with sweat wicking technology that draws sweat away from your skin, to breathable materials for optimal airflow. While the lightweight materials you can find on our bodybuilding clothing offer stretch and flex, to move comfortably with you through every rep.

We even have more casual bodybuilding clothing available, which is comfortable enough to both work out and chill out in, so you can wear it on gym days and rest days too.

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