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Women’s Skorts


This seasons trendiest summer staple, the skort is back and won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Offering an element of preppy luxury combined with sportiness, the humble skort offers a chic athleisure look that can take you from grabbing your morning coffee to sporting an insta-worthy fit on vacation.

What’s the difference between a skirt, a skort and shorts?

A skort is essentially a skirt, but with a pair of shorts sewn into it that sit underneath the skirt. This hybrid piece of sports clothing offers a range of benefits over just a skirt alone, such as offering added coverage and security when moving, so if the skirt lifts up while you’re running or serving, you can have peace of mind that you’re still covered. When it comes to comparing a skort with shorts, a skort gives you a different style aesthetic, as it combines preppy with sporty for a trending look that you could wear from the tennis courts to brunch with the girls.

What is the purpose of a skort

A skort combines the benefits of a skirt and a pair of shorts, giving you the style of a flowy skirt with the functionality of shorts. Many people love wearing skorts for sports such as tennis as it is an essential for the tennis core look and offers coverage as you move, So you can play free from distractions. Our skorts are created with premium fabric that offers ventilation and airflow. Plus they have added eyelet detailing on both the shorts and the skirt, that allows you to stay cool and comfortable even with two layers of fabric. Created with durability in mind, our skorts are designed to be worn time and time again.

Are skorts flattering?

Absolutely, our skorts are designed to be super flattering. A ribbed high waistband keeps the skort fixed in place and helps you look snatched at the waist, whilst the flowy bottom offers a stylish take on sportswear, allowing you to show off your legs whilst keeping a looser fit.

What kind of top do you need with a skort?

We love the skort with a minimalist strappy tank top for an insta-worthy athleisure fit that can take you to from an intense workout to post-workout plans with ease. Accessorize with long socks and a sweatband or cap for your pony tail, and you will have this season’s trending tennis core look. For a little more coverage, the skort can be worn with a pump cover with a slight front tuck, which will showcase the detail on the skort whilst also creating a more loose-fitting look. For when you’re on the courts and you need support, pair our skort with a sports bra, which will help to minimise impact to your chest as you move, helping to keep you feeling comfortable and keep the girls protected.

How to wear a skort

Whether you pair your skort with a strappy top, pump cover or sports bra, the best thing about our black skorts and white skorts is that they go with pretty much any look. From monochrome looks, to bright colours, they are super versatile and can be paired with almost anything! For more styling tips on tennis core, see our article on Tenniscore